Diamonds in the Tanishq classroom

15 Sep,2011

By Tuhina Anand

There seems to be a strategic shift in communication of Tanishq jewellery, from the Tata Group, which has taken on the task of educating people on diamonds. They embarked on this journey in April this year when they roped in Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan in the True Diamonds campaign, which aimed at making consumers aware of the various aspects of the quality of diamonds.

It is intriguing to understand why Tanishq took on this route of imparting lessons on getting to know your diamonds better, rather than just toe the line of communication of its earlier campaigns which focused on offers or a new collection.

One of the reasons behind this shift would definitely be the amount of misguided information that comes the way of the average diamond buyer. There are many practices followed which definitely can’t be called fair, hence leading to even less clarity and leaving interested buyers with even lesser and confusing parameters to evaluate the quality of the diamonds.

Mr Parvesh Debuka, Brand Manager, Tanishq told MxM India that education is among one of the core mantras to follow when it comes to communication, and features high on their priority list. He said, In the last three years we have seen phenomenal rise in sales for diamond jewellery but we realized that to tap the market to its best we need to provide few basics that will help consumers ask the right questions while purchasing diamonds.

The campaign with the Bachchan couple was fantastic for Tanishq in terms of sales and customer queries, hence they decided to take it further with the curious case of the missing diamonds which is an online campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to engage consumers via the digital medium, also taking from its previous campaign which gave them visibility and addressed key issues. This online campaign rests on the microsite and will conclude by the end of September.

The microsite enables users to help Amitabh Bachchan find the missing diamonds through an online game. This online game has a series of clues in the form of captivating videos of suspects who would have stolen the diamonds. Five lucky winners who complete the task in the shortest period of time get an opportunity to take part in the on-ground chase to hunt down the culprit in Mumbai. The winner who hunts the thief during the on-ground hunt gets the chance to gift the diamond necklace personally to Jaya Bachchan.

According to Mr Sirish Chandrashekha, Marketing Manager, Tanishq, Getting the modern city dweller to learn about diamonds was a challenge. We embarked on this education campaign online through the missing diamonds idea. Interaction, engagement and education were the key words around which this idea is based.

This campaign is conceived and executed by Tanishq and their agency partners Maxus, Lowe and Interactive Avenues.

Mr Sairam Ranganathan, the digital head at Maxus South, said, We wanted to make diamond education more interesting and engaging for the urban upscale audiences and through Maxus creativitis we arrived at the missing diamonds idea. This is a social design enabled game, we worked with KRDS to create this experience.

Ads and offers will, of course, continue, but educating people on diamonds is a task that Tanishq has taken up and will continue to carry out.

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