Coming clean with the tooth, Listerine’s challenge

13 Sep,2011

Mouthwash is a global hot seller, but not so in India where the traditional toothpaste is the preferred mode of oral hygiene. On the occasion of World Oral Health Month in September, Listerine launched its 21-Day Challenge, encouraging consumers to include mouthwash in their daily preventive oral care routine.

Indians do have an issue with dental and oral hygiene in the last one year itself 25 percent of Indians have complained of bad breath and 13 percent have suffered from cavities, show findings from a recent survey by Listerine. However, oral health experts estimate the actual numbers to be higher because a lot of people do not realize that they are suffering from oral health problems. According to the survey findings, 50 percent of Indians feel their oral care routine is incomplete with just brushing, and are looking for more advanced products like mouthwash.

In light of this changing consumer trend in oral care products Listerine has launched its challenge to encourage consumers to experience the benefits of the product for themselves, or get their money back. After using Listerine for 21 days, says the company, 90 percent of people felt their mouth was healthier and 86 percent said they cannot get the same feeling from brushing alone. Apart from the fresh feeling that lasts through the day consumers also used mouthwash to kill germs and prevent yellow teeth.

The company’s statement said that according to Dr Gopalakrishnan, a periodontology professor and Secretary General of the International Clinical Dental Research Organization,In India people are waking up to the importance of preventive oral care to protect the mouth and teeth from germs. While brushing was considered enough till a few years back, we are now seeing a growing need for products like mouthwash. For a complete oral care routine and to reduce the incidence of oral problems it is essential to use mouthwash along with brushing.

Mr Ajay Rangaraj, General Marketing Manager, Oral Care, Johnson & Johnson Ltd, India, said, Through this challenge we want to encourage people to include mouthwash in their daily preventive oral care routine in order to achieve higher standards of oral health and prevent problems like tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath. We are confident that after using Listerine for just 21 days consumers will experience healthier gums and teeth.


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