Chauthi Duniya plans English weekly

21 Sep,2011

By Akash Raha

Mr Santosh Bhartiya, Editor, Chauthi Duniya told MxM India that the group is soon planning to launch an English weekly magazine. He said that it might still take a couple of months before the publication is on the stands, and it seeks to be successful in the political magazine space.

According to Mr Bhartiya, “It will be a hard-hitting political magazine with excellent content. We are on our way to building a strong team and we shall launch thereafter. Like all other publications and offerings of our group, the English magazine too shall become a personification of excellence in journalism”.

He also said that a plan for a TV channel is in the works, after the success of their internet TV. “We have had a phenomenal response from our viewers on our internet television, and they themselves have written to us to start off with a new television channel, as they are tired of watching PR-pushed news. They admire us for dedication and credible journalism.”

It is noteworthy that not too long ago, Chauthi Duniya group had launched its weekly Urdu newspaper, which is also available internationally. The total circulation of the weekly newspaper (both nationally and internationally) according to Chauthi Duniya is about 45,000 copies.

What they think

“We don’t yet know what the look and feel of the magazine is going to be like, but the concept of a political magazin’ certainly sounds interesting,” said Ms Surbhi C Murthy, Associate Vice President, Allied Media, Delhi. She went on to say, “I think that there is a lack of political magazines in India. Tehelka is a good read and a fantastic product, but even though it takes up political issues seriously, it is not a completely political magazine per se. Other magazines like India Today, Outlook, Open, The Week and the likes of them, do good political stories, but at the end of the day they all general interest magazines.  I think that there is still a lot of scope for a good political magazine to come in and create a niche for itself. Content is obviously going to be the key for Chauthi Duniya, but other key factors include the distribution and feel of the magazine”.

When asked whether there is a space for a political magazine in the market in the current scheme of things Ms Mousumi Kar, General Manager, North and East, Maxus said “Political awareness is on the rise as people are questioning government policies and agenda.There is room for hard hitting political journalism that is willing to reflect plurality of opinions and remain non partisan.”

Chauthi Duniya is known for its scathing news stories against corruption and political malpractices. It is also Hindi and Urdu offerings in print too are doing relatively well. Chauthi Duniya’s newest offering may well take the media world by surprise.

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