Anchor:K Vaitheeswaran on 6 reasons why this is the time for e-commerce in India

19 Sep,2011

#1 Big market

When we started Indiaplaza, India’s first online shopping company in India in 1999, the internet population in India was just 3 million. Today, this number has crossed 50 million and by 2015, it is expected to cross 350 million, which will make India the world’s second largest internet market after China.


#2 Growing comfort with the medium

Millions of Indians are now comfortable with buying tickets online, paying bills, internet banking and other such transactions which is increasing their comfort with online transactions and also reducing their security concerns. And for the remaining skeptics, there’s always cash-on-delivery


#3 Penetration of the web in smaller towns

In large metros, organized retailers provide reasonable selection and good shopping ambience which is absent in smaller towns. As the web becomes popular in tier II and tier III towns, consumers in these places are realizing that internet retailers provide them with astounding selection and low prices across categories that were not available to them till now.


#4 Infrastructure challenges in large metros

As the pace of daily life in metros gets more challenging and driven, gone are the days when families could casually drive to stores, park in comfort and shop with time on hand. Online shopping and the associated convenience is really a boon for such money-rich-time-poor class of consumers.


#5 Product standardization

Online shopping is well suited to standard products and brands. As Indians shift their purchases to global brands like Apple, Nokia, Canon, Sony, Acer with detailed product information available online, it is so easy to simply research and order online, in most cases at lower prices also.

#6 Investment

There is a positive climate today with many investors willing to put up serious capital for e-commerce companies. This capital availability is sure to result in more e-commerce players launching and offering better service levels to consumers which will further fuel growth and demand.


K Vaitheeswaran is Founder & CEO,


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