Amul takes the road less travelled

07 Sep,2011

Aim and Objectives

Amul is a Rs 10,000 crore company. The challenge was to maintain a steady growth of 20 percent year-on-year thereby furthering the aggressive sales targets for individual brands.


The Background:

Amul caters to an all-encompassing, universal TG; right from the woman of the house who buys Amul Butter, Ghee, Dahi, Cheese, Milk etc., to kids consuming Amul chocolates and Ice creams, and the youth consuming the Amul Kool Beverages.

With a wide brand portfolio of 45 brands spanning across 14 product categories, Amul’s distribution network is ever-increasing and so is the need for aggressive marketing and advertising of these brands.

But Amul faces strict spends restrictions, having an A:S ratio of less than 1% and yet needs to compete with megabrands like Nestle, Britannia whose A:S ratio is more than 5%.

The media planner’s dilemma was how to do justice to 43 brands when the budgets would at best suffice for just 2 or 3 brands.

We needed a single unifying thought which: Gives the brand a larger-than-life aura; allows for Amul to integrate its brands seamlessly; allows for adaptation to other geographies and profiles; cuts across the nati9on, binds across age and SEC.

This unifier thought had to ensure that all our brands got the required visibility and in a manner that could help us break clutter, within our budget constraints


How the strategy was implemented:

Non-Conventional Media Decision No 1: Amul took a brave decision of ploughing 90% of ad budgets into impact property buys rather than spot buys with sponsorships thrown in.


Non-Conventional Media Decision No 2: Customizing format shows for Amul in each of the priority markets.


Non-Conventional Media Decision No 3: Within each show the Amul range was incorporated so as to showcase Amul’s width and depth.


Non-Conventional Media Decision No 4: For each of the properties, Amul identified situations within show content and conceived ideas to integrate the brands seamlessly, thus creating a property within a property for each of the brands.

Some brands/ideas were taken across properties to highlight Amul’s omnipresence and hence maintained a thread of continuity across properties. For example, Amul’s iconic mascot The Buttergirl was seen across all shows.

Amul’s beverage range was highlighted through a branded Amul Mug which was placed on the Judges table across all shows. The Mugs were branded by the various Amul beverage brands such as Amul Kool, Amul Kafe and Amul Koko. Thus, Amul Beverages were seen week on week across all shows


Non-Conventional Media Decision No 5: Some brand integrations were specific to specific properties and were integrated basis content situation identified in the show. Examples are Amul Masterchef and Amul Chhote Ustaad.


Non-Conventional Media Decision No 6: The client partnered these shows in true Amul style and pulled out all stops to promote every show in a unique manner.


Non-Conventional Media Decision No 7: Ensured amplification of every association through a complete surround sound via multimedia promotions.

Expectations v/s Outcome:

Amul gained tremendous mileage across each of these shows as a result of which Amul sales saw a surge of approximately 20-30% for brands which were technically zero budget and were struggling to move beyond single digit growth.


Amul’s omnipresence was seen through:

  • 800 PR articles
  • 23 hours of in show brand presence
  • 872040 secs through promos
  • 27637 Promo GRPs


Overall Brand Amul grew by 22% in 2010-2011. In terms of Brand Health Scores, Amul has seen a rise in its purity, trust and popularity scores by nearly 15%.Sales for brands like Ice cream, Paneer, Dahi, Mithaimate, Cheese soared by approximately 30 percent.

The promo mileage that Amul got from these associations was worth Rs 32 crore, higher than the annual Promo GRPs for Britannia and Nestle combined.

Like any other FMCG brand Amul garnered a reach of 90% @1+ and 80% @ 3+ levels. Healthy for any FMCG brand.

Amul was present over 123 weeks cumulatively as Title Sponsor, with huge surround sound as part of marketing promotions for individual shows. The icing on the cake was the fact that this entry won a Gold in GoaFest 2011 for Best Use of Sponsorship.

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